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What we do when we're not working...

OK...this tradition started eons ago here at KenCo Printing.

One day, we were messing with the presses, and came up with these brainteasers.
They're all sorts of different puzzles, word games, and assorted things you can hang
up around the office to add a bit of spice to the day.

We haven't figured out whether or not we're going to give out prizes, or whether or not we're
even going to give you the answers...just kidding. We'll give you the answers to the puzzles
the month after we release them.

We're giving them to you in Adobe Acrobat format. If you need the Acrobat Reader,
feel free to download it from Adobe Systems, (and we mean its free), but you have
 to promise us you're going to come back to KenCo Printing Online for the puzzles.

Mind Buster #1

Mind Buster #2

I Want To Be Six Again
(A youthful look at life)

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